A for Awareness

Posted on November 8, 2013

The A for awareness is important to all of us on a personal and professional level. It is the A in the KAi (Knowledge Awareness Innovation) and the A in personal awareness. It is important in coaching as a deep level of awareness is required when you listen intently to someone. It is a type of third level listening – a type of hearing that picks up emotion, body language and the environment itself. It is the awareness of the nuances and tone of someone’s voice on the telephone. The knowing that arises when you really listen identitly. It is awareness of the culture in which you work and whether you fit into it. In particular it is an awareness of the beliefs and behaviour of those around you, and this, ultimately helps you navigate the life journey. Key to this is first awareness and then asking the right questions – is this a good fit?

Awareness within Personal Awareness and Personal Knowledge may emerge as a type of helicopter factor as you observe yourself, your actions, thoughts and feelings. Awareness at this level helps you to manage self and eventually become your own Master. Awareness is an under used word and particularly under used in corporate management.

Can we foster awareness? Yes, we can become more alert to our own signs and symptoms. This alertness and awareness can be managed, exploited and used effectively once we learn how important this A really is for a positively managed future.
This A is not for Alpha, this A is for Awareness!

Janette Young, Knowledge Futures, Knowledge Consultant, Trainer/Learning Facilitator and Coach for Knowledge and Innovative Leadership, Personal Development and Education. Author of Personal Knowledge Capital: The inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a webworld.