The Dream and Vision

Eye on Flat Panel MonitorHappy New Year 2014!

How do you know where you are going if you don’t have a dream or vision! It’s the same in an organization as it is for the individual. How do you know you are successful if you don’t know where you are going? Clarifying this concept is now always easy. However, here we are at the beginning of a New Year (2014), a perfect time to re-consider new beginnings, new cycles and focus on the road ahead. Is your vision clear, concise, detailed? Can you see it? What components make up the vision?

At the organizational level the vision is part of strategy so that you move from the ’where are we now’ to the ‘where are we going’ thinking. communicating this effectively is imperative. Is the language used precise and clear and succinct? In the current climate do you need to use a short video to get your message across? Major shifts and changes always start at the top and this starts with the vision.

On a personal level without the clarity of the dream and life vision it is very hard to push ahead because, instead we get buried beneath all the ‘noise and distractions’ of every-day life. Get the headlights out to see through the fog! Help yourself to reflect – take time out to write it down. Where is it you want to go in the short-term and long-term? Decide on the steps or goals you wish to pursue (whatever feels most comfortable). The process of writing it down helps you achieve this. Can you communicate this appropriately with conviction? Check inside. Does it feel ‘right’? Is it making your smile or jump for joy? If not why not?  Let’s start 2014 as we mean to go on – GET FOCUSED!

Get the headlights out to see through the fog!

Janette Young, Knowledge Futures, Knowledge Consultant, Trainer/Learning Facilitator and Coach for Knowledge and Innovative Leadership, Personal Development and Education. Author of Personal Knowledge Capital: The inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world.