Creativity – Aha Moments!

minds_0It doesn’t happen very often that moment of Aha! Suddenly it is a revelation. We view the world in a new way. Perhaps it is an inner knowingness or just a moment of clarity. The light-bulb moment! Whatever it is for us it is, the Aha moment may become a catalyst that helps us make the change.

Those internal individual moments may be the point where the drop-out decides to take a new path and research in a new and exciting field they feel passionate about, and this new path may eventually lead them to becoming a Professor in the new field of study. A truly significant catalyst! Or it just may be that Aha arrives over a small but not least significant vital issue. However it happens, the Aha moment can make waves as we see and realise new perspectives.

Creativity of course may arise in the Company as small numbers of individuals within teams throw ideas around and choose to experiment in new and dynamic ways. The power of the team verses the individual! Of course, the team has the multiplier effect! Collaborative practice, as such, is an important element leading to creativity, especially when it cuts across boundaries. It is all about making connections, brainstorming, researching new methods, re-evaluating, re-framing and viewing the world from a different angle. Ideas create options for the business so that they can change instantly. Some of the greatest research comes from those who bring together ideas and concepts from different disciplines, rather than studying within one field alone.

Aha moments are important in coaching and act as catalysts to change. An Aha moment is important in business when for instance new ideas arise for the design and creation of new products and services.

Celebrate – Aha, Aha, Aha!

Janette Young at Knowledge Futures, UK. Personal, Career and Executive Coach; Trainer/Learning Facilitator; Consultant and Academic.

Author of Personal Knowledge Capital: The inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world Elsevier publishing. Paperback and Kindle e-book.