Picture1perceptionHave you ever thought my assumptions about this situation/person were all wrong. How many times have you stopped in your tracks when you realise that your own perception of a situation was in fact not reality at all. Sometimes it comes as quite a shock. Of course, we are not talking fact or detail here, this is all about assumptions.  This is because we may have a fixed view of the world and have not been open to another perspective. It really has to do with your mind and how you see/view the world. It involves the inbuilt assumptions that we make on a regular basis. However, sometimes we are gently taken on a journey where we view the world differently or we are literally struck by a different reality and realise our assumptions are, in fact, just that, assumptions and not reality at all.

As such, there is a gap between the truth and how we perceive it. Across the summer I had this experience and it immediately showed me how out of touch I could be with the reality of a situation. A good coach always asks a set of questions, and explores the reality rather than the perception of their coachee.  Good questions always help this process. This can be seen as part of reflexive learning. I first came across the theory and practice whilst doing an online course as an instructor for PhD’s. It was a light bulb moment when I realised how important questioning really is and how we get trapped in our meta-cognitive views of the world. Sometimes getting unstuck can involve some questioning of the reality of your thoughts. How did you get there?   Why do you think the way you do?  This type of thinking is part of reflexive practice in management.


Janette Young, Knowledge Futures is a Consultant, Coach and Learning Facilitator.   Author of Personal Knowledge Capital:  the inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world.  Elsevier.