A New Year – New Goals – 2016!

Presentjan2016As the New Year begins everyone is talking about setting new goals for the coming year.  All well and good as focusing on our goals helps us to be specific about what we want.   It is difficult to move forward if you don’t know where you’re going.  After all life is a journey – and who knows better how to drive the journey than you.

Personal goal setting may be supported by a professional coach; however, you can be your own coach!   Get the vision in place, focus on the goal setting and be very precise about the dates by which you wish to achieve this goal.  Align your goal setting to your personal and professional values and happiness.  Prepare a new step by step process for yourself on how to achieve your goals across the year.

Make the necessary changes in your every-day activities in pursuit of your goal, however small that may be.   After all, doing the same thing again and again leads to the same of what you have right now.  Commitment and motivation are the main criteria for being successful within this process.   Commit from a deep level and then proceed.

Visualising is even better.   Spend time with yourself and really visualise in detail what you want to achieve.   Focusing on the vision keeps the goals at the forefront of your agenda. Create a visualisation board for your personal and professional goals.  Or create a poster for the wall or just write out a list or use PowerPoint slides.   Whatever works best for you?

Finally, look and seek out support for your goal and the changes you need to make in order to achieve the goal.   When leading change and moving in any new direction, you do require support from friends, family and your peer group.   Find the support.

With this in place stay positive (think positive and be positive) and use your resilience when times seem tough.


Janette Young, Knowledge Futures is a Consultant, Coach and Learning Facilitator.   Author of Personal Knowledge Capital:  the inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world.  Elsevier.