Today, we are working virtually and collaboratively in an interconnected world. The pace of change is very demanding. Therefore, keeping focused in a complex world is not always easy.

Do you long to flourish in a complex world?

If you long for meaning at a deeper level than you currently experience then you need to take a positive journey through personal and career coaching. Go on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation through personal life coaching, career coaching or executive coaching.  Or be supported as you start-up your own small business.

Evolve, grow, develop and change

The facilitative coaching process enables you to stop in your tracks and see things in new and different ways. Have you ever thought about where you want to go in the future? Followed by how do I get there, and what is stopping me? Have you ever felt like changing direction, reviewing your situation and re-evaluating the direction in which your life is going? If yes, then this ‘personal knowledge coaching’ route is for you.

Take a Quantum Leap Forward!

A relationship designed to take clients forward from where they are now to where they want to be! This facilitative process helps you find your own really important personal know-how in order to develop self and create your own future. Take a leap and sprint ahead. The facilitative process supports you to take the necessary steps to make the change.  In a complex, fast and dynamic world, today’s leaders need to be self-aware in order to create their own inner resilience.

As a published author, this process includes the L.O.F.T. model along with the Emotional wheel – tools which are unique only to knowledge futures.


Personal Life and Executive Coaching designed to meet your needs is available on a one-to-one basis for those individuals who feel that life may offer them new directions and believe that they would like to explore these ideas through one-to-one personal coaching sessions.

whiteFlowerIdentify your heart’s desire and true intentions – the essence of the real you!  Learn how to take responsibility and control your life in order to create your own future. Review fixed and limited thinking. The coaching experience supports a journey towards positive change by empowering through a facilitative process of listening, questioning and challenging. Get in touch with your core values.  This process involves you looking at your own personal knowledge, identifying your goals, visualizing your future and identifying new ways to  move forward.

Career Coaching – With a background in higher education and business I am in a unique position to help you weigh up the career choices and the benefits to be gained from authentically developing yourself.  Do you want to flourish and grow in new directions? Do you want to explore new avenues? Do you need a career change? Time to move on? Time for a career transition? Are you lacking direction or confidence? If so, then why wait?

Micro-Business Start-Up Coaching  – Alternatively, you may wish to develop your business through micro-business start-up coaching.   Helping you to feel confident as you move forward through business start-up.  Do you want to start-up a new business but you are not confident how to begin?  Do you understand the importance of discovering  your customer needs and providing a distinct solution. Are you solving problems and creating a unique selling point? Have you researched the business model, attained customer feedback whilst focusing on content management and customer targets for marketing?   Do you appreciate the importance of the value-added due to business IP?   Can you create a professional business plan?   Do you understand the decision-making stages in business growth?  As business owner and academic teaching small business entrepreneurship in this area I am ideally suited to help you take the journey into the world of small business start-up.   Learn the latest techniques and become better and more confident in the process.

Coaching is a relationship designed to facilitate the change in order to take clients forward from where they are now, to where they want to be, in order to engage the client on a journey towards positive transformational change.

The Virtual Coaching Route

If you are at a distance use the Virtual Coaching route for individual coaching. Available online (and visually) through tailor-made sessions designed to meet your needs at a mutually agreed time. This means that where-ever you are, you can connect through virtual coaching route.


Personal development and self mastery workshops are available on request, and are designed to help you explore the steps that you need to become aware of your own ‘know-how’.



• Guided facilitation and co-active coaching;
• Clarify your goals and future direction;
• Focus on your inner know-how;
• Review fixed thinking and limiting beliefs;
• Think differently and gain new perspectives;
• Work ‘inside-out’, and manage the change;
• Develop awareness of your own issues;
• A positive experience;
• Gain confidence;
• Evaluate career choices for next step transition;
• Use the L.O.F.T model Young (2012);
• Invest in self-development;
• Create your own SAT-NAV plan


• Experience a quantum leap forward that leads to positive change;
• Explore new options and focus on future possibilities;
• Take steps to achieve your ambitions;
• Achieve greater work-life balance;
• Go on a journey of self-discovery;
• Go into action to make the change;
• Find support on your journey to achieve your goals;
• Work towards becoming your ‘best self’ through positive, powerful transformation.


Benefit from developing your new business ideas and concepts through a step-by-step staged process.   Gain confidence with setting up the business, and appreciate fast failure. .

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is also available on request.  Identify and map individual strengths, thinking preferences and communication styles. Preferences are measured using a simple online assessment. One of the outputs from this is a tremendously insightful, individual Profile Report, which has its roots based in the work of Carl Jung the Swiss Psychologist. Each profile report identifies strengths, weaknesses, communication preferences and gives coaching assistance to build development plans.  Ask for your own report.


“We would both highly recommend your workshop to friends who’ve done this sort of essence-searching or to those who are new to this way of thinking but are interested in finding out what their true ‘spark’ is. They’ll be finding exactly what you’ve called it Janette – knowledge capital for their future.” Barbara H

“Janette is an expert coach with a huge range of personal development experience to draw on. She excels in inspiring and challenging to make you look deeply at your values and goals. I would certainly recommend her as a coach as she puts in 100% effort to making sure you get the most from the process.” Richard O, Business Owner, UK

“The impact of the coaching session was that I was able to see my current situation clearly, identify the problems that could not be resolved and decide what I wanted to do with my life.  This means I can take charge once again and move towards my own dreams”   Jean B.

For an initial discussion about one-to-one Personal Knowledge Coaching (by physical or virtual connection) contact Janette directly