Picture1A time for new beginnings.  New life.  Spring is here and it is a great advantage as it brings in the positivity. Build on the cycles of nature.  Lets start again. Breathe deeply.

A time of rejuvenation as the sun begins to shine and evenings get lighter.

As a leader and manager it is important to find and adhere to the ‘inner compass’ that you believe in, and walk the talk in all aspects of professional life.  The ‘inner compass’ relates to the values and beliefs that you adhere too, for instance the values may be authenticity; inspiration; open communication in the work environment, to mention a few.  Whilst your belief set may be deep rooted but unique to yourself.   When you  work against your inner beliefs you feel very uncomfortable, as such it is important to work in alignment (rather than out of alignment) with your inner compass.

In turbulent times, stand firm, lead, inspire and create positive energy within the environment in which you work.  Turn the negative into the positive, but most of all don’t work to someone else’s compass which may in no way match your own values or beliefs. As such be aware, so as not to compromise your ‘inner beliefs’.