Finding Solutions

PictureweatherThe New Year 2015 has arrived with a bang. The rain, the winds, the hurricanes and snow have swept into our lives at the beginning of this new year! In the world, everywhere things don’t seem to be getting better but rather are getting worse. The weather and the natural world have an even bigger impact upon us than we can possibly imagine, and as yet the full impact has still to be revealed. Solutions on a postcard please!

Whether at a personal, business or international level the answer to most issues is  – try to move towards finding solutions. Be solution focused! However, what holds us back are the different opinions and viewpoints we hold in our minds eye. We all look and view the world from a range of different perspectives. These are often derived from a set of values which are either adopted from others, in our overall history, or have been chosen. It is these views, perspectives and values which have the most impact. It is these perspectives which take us into loggerheads with others, or help us adjust and find solutions. Finding gentle ways to re-focus and change perspective may hold many keys to our lives.

Change perspective and find solutions!

Janette Young, Knowledge Futures is a Consultant, Coach and Learning Facilitator.   Author of Personal Knowledge Capital:  the inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world.  Elsevier.