Is your organization agile, innovative and smart?

Become better and make the leap!

Today organizations need to be agile, innovative and smart in order to survive.  In the current fast moving climate the ‘value added’  is not only tangible but intangible.  Do you need to focus on becoming a smarter organization? Do you want to become more collaborative, creative, innovative and customer-centric?

Are you a confident leader? Feel less confident as you move forward into a new position? Do you know what style of leadership to use at the right moment?  Are you managing or leading? Can you lead  and inspire in a complex world? If you need further clarification in this area Masterclass workshops in contemporary leadership are available and tailored to meet your needs.



K-LEAD areas of expertise include the following:-

Knowledge focused Contemporary Management;
Leadership styles and Leadership through Emotional Intelligence and Positivity;
E-Learning Environments and Innovation;
Awareness and Personal Development for Leaders;
Dynamic workplace.


Unique Because:

• Bringing together contemporary management and leadership with personal  development
• A specialist in innovative management development embracing new management thinking;
• Experienced instructional designer of learning experiences and curriculum development;
• Experienced academic, qualitative researcher and business consultant;
• Belief in authentic behaviour for leaders.

Re-wire the corporate mind-set

Introducing contemporary tools and techniques.  Providing an array of management tools and techniques taken from contemporary management and leadership; knowledge management; emotional intelligence; virtual digitized learning environments; positive psychology; professional coaching and personal development in order for you to explore new management thinking.

I have a wealth of experience to tap into, with a background as a Course Director of UK University Management programmes including ‘In-company’ and MBA programmes   coupled with research and real world business experience.

Learning and Design of Contemporary and Innovative Management Workshops:

Helping you support your needs and put together a tailor-made programme of development.


• Identify and assess organizational needs;
• Develop contemporary leading edge knowledge, know-how and thinking;
• Develop tailor-made seminars and workshops to meet your needs and time-table;
• Complement companies’ professional development;
• Liaise with an experienced instructional designer with University level experience;
• Create change and staff development through learning;
• Develop a collaborative culture;   Lead the change for creativity and innovation


Make a quantum leap through the three stage consultancy process

Offering corporate consultancy to assess the organizational needs.   Take a quantum leap through the three stage consultancy process.    Reap the rewards

Benefits occur through lower staff turnover, increased stability and improved effectiveness.

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