A Book for the Knowledge Worker in a Web World!

Personal Knowledge Capital: The inner and outer path of knowledge creation in a web world, Chandos Imprint, Elsevier publisher is the book by Janette Young. Paperback and new E-book Kindle Edition.

Mock_personal_knowledge_capitalBook Review: “This is an interesting and challenging reading. This is a book to read, to put into practice and read again…..”   Online Information Review, 2013

The book focuses on knowledge creation within personal knowledge management and in doing so looks at both an inner and outer path for the knowledge worker in the web world.

KAi-yoga-150x150The Inner Path:

The inner path takes knowledge creation into the arena of personal awareness with its focus on inner ‘knowing’, and this leads into emotional tacit knowledge and cognitive tacit knowledge within knowledge creation. As knowledge workers we need to explore our own inner knowingness in more depth, and the book sets out to do just that. The output is the L.O.F.T model for Knowledge Creation. It is time to take knowledge creation to a deeper inner knowing level

The Outer Path:

The outer path reminds us that we do have to interact in the wider community. The outer path looks at ways of communicating in a complex and dynamic web world. This path focuses on the issues of trust, relationships/networking, conversation, community and social capital in the web environment. Designing web infrastructures for a web environment is the outcome, with models and tools presented to support creating a web learning environment for knowledge creation, including frameworks and models for the knowledge infrastructure, design readiness assessment tool and ‘Knowledge Cube’.  You can manage your own assets through communities and networks, exploiting the latest technologies around you!

Review: “All in all, this work is relevant for anyone concerned with personal knowledge capital, from researchers and professionals looking for personal knowledge management, to lecturers wanting to develop their own personal knowledge capital” Online Information Review, Emerald 2013.

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